Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ONE BUSY MONTH - December 2008

Lots and Lots of activities surrounded Christmas this year. It was fun, but Jacob and I agreed it took away so much from the meaning of Christmas. I hope next year we remember that and make it MUCH different!
We started the festivities with the kids decorating! They put the tree up (with our help on lights and garland) and they put the other Christmas decorations around the house. Mind you, it DID look like KIDS did the decorating this year--we didn't have the heart to change it all!Next in the month was Clayton's field trip to the Science Center. His class also visited the mall to see Santa, but we did not allow Clayton to attend that part. (i will expound on that later!) The field trip to the science center focused on TOOLS-so they learned about different tools and how to use them. Clayton had fun, and didn't mind leaving early. We treated him to Pizza Hut in lu of the mall--simple pleasures!

Then came Clayton's school Christmas Program. The Kindergarteners had to hold up all the letters of MERRY CHRISTMAS-2 kids at a time would say part of a poem. They did a great job and were very proud of themselves at the end! Clayton had the letter "T"-his part was "T is for turkey fat and brown we have on Christmas Day!" He practiced and practiced til he got it perfect! Watching him interact with his friends before the program was cute too!

Immediately following Clayton's school program, someone came in dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus. Our kids are WELL aware that Santa is not real, and Clayton is mad at the rest of the world for believing in such nonsense. As soon as he saw the Santa he announced in a loud voice "That is so stupid, Santa's not even REAL!" Of course we hushed him and told him it was just like when he dresses up like Batman at home and pretends, so lets just have fun with it right now while we are here. Candice on the other hand couldn't wait to give the oversized elf a hug! She also knows he is not real, but she enjoys the fun of it. We thought Cameron would be scared; she proved us wrong.

Then Came the METCALF Christmas party at Diane's! It was a fun time of fellowship with family! One thing i LOVE about the Metcalf parties is how everyone mingles together and has a great time. We can talk about the weather or talk about God--wheatever the subject everyone is kind to each other and there is just so much LOVE surrounding the event. Any guest woudl be able to see that Christ is a focus. Growing up, i never experienced that at our family gatherings as my immediate family was the only Christian one present. We were the odd ones. It is such a blessing to be a part of this family! The hugs are always good too! ;)

We celebrated our family Christmas the Saturday before Christmas because we were planning a surprise visit to PA to see Family. The kids turned our Christmas from super exciting to us letting them know that next year our family will not be exchanging gifts. We will be buying for other people who are less fortunate. (this will also be expounded on in another post-so stay tuned!) My favorite thing about Christmas morning was giving Jacob his gifts. I finally was able to surprise him--he ALWAYS guesses what i am getting him! I will be uploading pictures of our Christmas later!

2 Days later we left for PA. For any family we didn't see, its nothing against you, we will be seeing you in January! This was a special surprise for Jacob's mom and sister! He (and I) really miss them all! We pulled off the surprise by entering his mom's Feast of 7 Fishes just as the guests were ready to eat! She was not expecting to see us come through the door! It was fun to do! If only we had a snapshot of their faces upon entry....PRICELESS! The kids were so excited to see each other. Clayton completely bypassed everyone to give Haidyn a hug! They are tight! What a Day! I will be uploading those pictures shortly too.
Now we are home and getting back to the swing of things and next month holds lots more activites again! Come back and see all the new pictures-should be able to get them up in the next day or two! God bless!

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