Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I love my car even if you don't.

I guess because of the car we drive we are labeled. I'm not totally sure what label is given. I think it is different for every time someone says something.
We are pointed at by others and laughed at.
Comments never cease to amaze me...
"have you ever heard of a mini-van?"
 "I'm sure you are trying to make extra money, let me give you my business card."
"Your kids must be expensive- how many DO you have?"
"At least you drive a car that it doesn't matter if someone spills in or something happens to it."

*I wonder if these same people walk up to people who wear "less than me" clothing?*

I am really amazed at  how materialistic our world is...not just in secular circles but in Christian circles as well. People place so much of your value in what you have. You are treated as "less than" by the grocery clerk, clothing store personnel, or restauranteur.
But WHY are you surprised? Why am I? Look around. Everything in our society says you belong to one of two groups; the Haves and the Have nots.
Much like racism in a lot of ways. It's stereotyping. It's judgmental. It's snobby. It's degrading. It is telling my kids who know no different that they are not good enough for something more. THAT my friends, is the message you give to my kids.

I have people tell me "I would never drive that. I would tell my husband to get me something else."

Here is the facts, folks:
*I* prayed for this vehicle.
*I* suggested we get this vehicle.
*I* don't care what I drive as long as it is safe & reliable. (And this car is both.)
*I* didn't want a car payment any more.
*I* suggested we get rid of our van.

So when people say things like the aforementioned, you tick me off. Because what you are really saying is "you poor thing"....Poor meaning actually financially lacking and meaning pity.

First of all, don't ever attack my husband like that. Don't put HIM down as if he is not providing adequately for us. He provides. And he does it well.

The comment about "spilling in a car that doesn't matter." OUCH, that one hurt. More than you might think too. Why does my car not matter? Should we not take care of what God has provided for us? It is the same mentality as "i don't care that my kids intentionally broke that toy, it only came from the dollar store (or it was free)." Are we trying to teach our kids core values here? Is our mentality that something is only worthy of good care if it is expensive? That is not responsibility. If we don't take care of what we have, no matter what it cost, then we will not properly take care of any things. Because the value is not in the THING, it is in the character and grateful heart. So yes, it DOES matter if someone spills n my car. It DOES matter when kids put their feet on the seat. It DOES matter if someone scratches my already scratched vehicle. Because it is what God has provided for me. And because He provided it, it has value.

Here's the other thing. We are not in NEED. We are not a charity case for others to pity. God provides everything that we need. God promises us food and raiment. We have those things. But we have MUCH MUCH More. We have each other. My kids do have toys. They have beds, shoes, a warm bath and clean towels. the list goes on. But none of that is important. Not really in the long spectrum of things.

Not for eternity.

See they have something much better than all that. They have the promises of God to hold them together. To show them that they are valued beyond their belongings- or lack thereof by outward standards. They have parents who pray for them regularly and try their very best to ignite a passion for souls and a light in a dark world. They have a God who is ALIVE and evident in their lives. They have prayers that are answered to show them that God cares about their "small" things. They have love.

And LOVE is the greatest gift we can give to them. (1 Corinthians 13.) Love is not measured by things. Not here in this house.

This is what I drive. I'm just not seeing what is so terrible.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This is sad.

This is really sad. I have no digital camera at all. Ours was a point and shoot. It's broken beyond repair. I shoot film still. When film is developed they can put it on a CD so you can load it in the computer. GREAT idea!-right? WRONG! We do not have a CD drive in the computer because this is Jacob's work computer and MY computer broke too. So no pictures to share for a LONG time. This is really sad-huh?
I don't tell you this looking for sympathy, but as an explanation of sorts. Too many blog posts without pictures gets boring unless you like my rants, which are more for me than for you...so there you have it. FB will be pretty boring too.
Man! and I have so many things I would love to share with you. I mean, we live in a new town, a new home; the kids are in a new school, Winter and holidays are coming. BAH!
What did we do before cameras? Frankly, I don't remember. I started shooting around age 8. I am guessing everyone just wrote very detailed or just banked it away in the Memory Deposit Box. I don't trust my memory a whole lot for details any more...not certain kinds anyway. Writing is cathartic, maybe I will try that in a detailed way. hmmmm....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Glade has done it!

I should fill you in on a little secret. I am a product tester for BzzAgent. It's a neat little exploration of mine. I fill out some surveys; they send me some products, and I write a review (or as many as I want to). I keep the products and get some coupons for more or to hand out to friends. It's kind of fun!

Right now I have Glade! I received the new line of Glade Expressions! AMAZING scents! Very natural and realistic smelling. AND the scents last in the air. I especially like the oil diffuser! The spray is great if you remember to spray it! I tried the Apple cinnamon in the spray and the Pineapple Mongosteen in the oil diffuser. Both are very appealing!

Glade has a great design on these products so that they blend into your home decor. My family didn't even notice I had them out! (That was especially helpful to keep little hands from touching it!) These are really cost efficient too! Less than $5 each...and I have coupons if you want one! Just let me know! The only thing I ask is that if you get one send me a short review of your own! I want to know what you think!