Sunday, January 4, 2009

I was wrong...

I was wrong on my guesses as to what Jacob bought me for Christmas! I thought he got me a new bag. (He didn't, though I did end up receiving one before the new year.) It was a big red box. with a big bow on it. I was totally thrown for a loop. He bought me a new Cappaccino/Esspresso machine! WOOHOO! I love Cappaccinos, Lattes and Steamers, and now i make them at home for a small fraction of the cost of buying one!

Other gifts i received this Christmas were just as wonderful! My MIL got me a sweater and my first pair of heels! (yes, 28 years old and my first pair of heels!--i need to learn to walk in them!) Jacob's step mom and dad gave us a great basket filled with Dunkin Donuts coffee, Pepperidge Farm cookies, and Christmas ornaments. What a surprise! Clayton and Candice gave me a new cookie scoop and measuring cups!

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Susana K. Cordeiro said...

first pair of heels? wow!
nice gift jacob!