Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

You ever wonder why people even bother to make a New Year's Resolution? Every year for most if my life i woudl sit down and write this list of 5 things that I would vow to do for the next year. Then came February or March and I couldn't even remember where the list was. As i get older i think more and more that resolutions are just ways to help yourself feel more like a failure. I do have goals for the year. I try to make them attainable so that i am not stretching myself so far beyond reach.

  • This year's main goal is to get 80% of our debt paid off! financial freedom is something Jacob and I have always kept in the forefront of our minds. This year the tunnel looks shorter! We have to make HUGE sacrifices to run to the light at the end of it, but nevertheless, the end is near!
  • I have also set a goal for myself to read more books. Potentially i woudl like to read one per "check out cycle" from the library.
  • This year I also plan to run a 5K, with or without anyone by my side. Last year i relied on others to help me do it and when they failed so did I.

So, there are the goals for 2009. I hope I can successfully say that i have reached my goals with ina timely fashion or that my goals have changed before next year.

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