Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Color Me Wild!

While we were in PA, i was looking for something educational for the kids to do. So we ended up at the Crayola Factory! It is GREAT! If i lived there, i woudl consider gettting seasonal passes for something to do on those "there is nothing to do" days! The kids had fun...wish we woudl have had more time, there was alot more to see and do! Pretty much anything Crayola makes, you can test out! Go Creative Arts!

The writing wall!--a kid's dream come true!

Even i got some creative juices flowing!

A Crayon hot off the press! The guy was super nice cuz we were the last group of observers--it was us and one other family! the kids got to see markers be made also! It was lots of fun!


Hot wax..Clayton felt special cuz you had to be 5 to do this one!

Model Magic: a great cross between clay and play-doh--but a lot less messy!

Pointing out their favorite colors on the color wall! (Candice can't quite reach, but its pink!)

I can't get this one to rotate, but it turned out good!


Chastity Gomez said...

Oh, how much fun! I can't believe I've never taken my kids there-but need to on the next PA visit- whenever that will be- cute pictures!

Tia said...

HOW COOL! I didnt know you went there! I want to go!! :)