Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cameron is 1 today!

Cameron Elaine Metcalf -born 3/19/2008

Well i tried to pretend all day it wasn't happening, but its Cameron's birthday! We did sing happy birthday to her numerous times today. and for weeks we have been practicing "I am 1!"--holding up one finger. we have gotten nowhere but giggles with that! Sh edoes nod yes when you ask her is she is a good girl! She is not walking yet. but she loves to stand and hold on to things. she says: daddy, mommy, bye-bye and some stuff we don't understand! she's getting there! Its hard to believe a year has gone by already! She is such a big blessing in such little person! we will celebrate with cake and ice cream when her daddy gets home!
Cameron Elaine Metcalf --March 19, 2009


dana said...

awwww happy late birthday cameron!!!!

Chastity Gomez said...

I do have a card sitting on my desk for her- will try to get to the post office today!! Happy Birthday Cameron!!

Anonymous said...

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