Monday, May 25, 2009


(its bothering me, i think i spelled Frankenstein wrong....there that time i think i spelled it right! Spelling...I HATE mispelled words or when homonyms are used in the wrong places -IE: there, thier, they're-...i should be a proof reader...if only i liked reading! LOL)

Ok, so anyway, here is the story about RAKs (Randm Acts of Kindness). The other day i went to the dreaded Walmart! (i hate that store by the way...reason mainly, they are killing the small town man--support your community and buy local, spend the extra dollar, it comes back to you eventually!) So I go to Walmart to get my husband a few things to make the mail a little sweeter. Plus some Cup o' Noodles since the ethnic flavors are not always appealing to the Ameican pallet!

Well, I have NO boxes at my house, so I have to purchase one. You know Walmart reuses their boxes so they can't share! While picking out the right box with Candice's help, a man approaches. After hearing in a manly voice "Are you mailing her somewhere?" I look up to see a man in a wheel chair. He chit chatted...and I probably came across a bit rude because men who randomly talk to me freak me out. (I am still praying that he never batted an eye at my aprehensiveness!) Well, through the short conversation, the kids tell him that we are mailing a package to Daddy who is working far away. He asked where he was and I vaguely answered him. He told me to tell him "thank you for serving."
This brings up the torn thoughts and discusion DH and I have had over the last couple of weeks since many people have thanked him for his service. Since he has to be discreet about what he does, he never knows how to respond. I think he should just let them think what they want, after all he is serving though not signed up. Its hard to explain unless you know what he does, and I being his wife hardly know! :)
*Flash Back to Box Isle* ~so conversation winds down and I tell the man to have a nice day! We go on our way. The next isle is the Crayola Trap, so we are standing there as my kids are rattling off all the products they would love to have or give to someone else. Then I hear the man's voice again. I turn; he says "Ma'm will you do me a favor?" I said "yeah, depending what it is!" He hands me $10 and tells me to put something extra in the box for my husband. I tried to not take the money, but he insisted. I graciously accepted and we parted ways.
I walked away with a tear in my eye, thinking this was probably a sacrifice for this man, who doesn't know me or my family from Adam, to give me this money. What will I do with it? What should I put in the box? Should I have insisted on NOT taking the money and risk insulting a sincerely thankful generous man. He told me he was a 'Nam Vet....and he is thinking of others! WOW!
People have held the door for me, offered to take my groceries to my car, let me cut in line at the store, even given me a penny I needed to make round change...but this touched me differently. I was humbled yet again. Wherever that man is, whoever he is...I am praying that God will send a special blessing on him. He said he was supposed to have surgery to fix his legs, I am praying his surgery will be successful, and he will walk again! God bless selfless people. I hope I can be a blessing to someone by doing some RAK when the opportunity arises! I will pray for the opportunity!

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