Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Potty, Little Potty

Well, it begins again....the journey through potty training! I don't actually mind this stage as much as some of the other hurtles of raising little ones. (like I hate when they are learning to use utensils at the table-the mess never ends it seems!) Right now we are in Phase 1: introducing the little potty whenever the big potty is occupied! Everytime Cameron sits on the little potty and does nothing in it she still sqeals "I did it!" with a big grin! With Jacob gone, I am not in rush mode to get this done. She will be potty trained if I have my way before this baby is born though, but that still gives me approximately 2.5 months. So we should have plenty of time!
Whenever I look at Cameron trying out the potty, I have flashbacks of Candice-she was fully potty-trained by 15 months-amazing how every child is so different. I wish I was "brave enough" to do the Communication Elimination with the new little guy and eliminate the diapers all together! I think I will invest in a Diaper Sprayer this time around!

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