Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Car Conversations...

I am starting to think i can wrote a book on all the witty things the kids come up with! Today we are riding in the car and i ask Clayton what kind of car this one was. I can't remember, and neither could he--it was a British car, red and sporty!

Just seconds prior to this sighting he was talking about going for a truck ride with his dad in the woods. He is hooked on Ford FX-4 Off Road models! So Clayton sees this car adn says..."Maybe i shoudl just forget the FX4 Off Road, adn get me a Hot ride and a hot wife instead."

I had to laugh. He is not supposed to be referring to girls as HOT but since he was talking about his future wife who doesn't "exist" yet, I didn't correct him. I said "Oh really, is that what Daddy has instead of a truck?" and he said "YEAH!"

Too FUNNY!!!

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