Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking Bets

Ok, just for the fun of it i thought i would put it out there for everyone to guess when i am going to actually have this baby! Also, everyone keeps telling me "this will not be a big baby". So go ahead and guess the baby's measurements too! lets see who gets closest to it!


Dana said...

September 29th

7lb 5oz

3:40 am!

there is my guess!

Chastity Gomez said...

September 26th
7lbs 8oz
6:20 pm

~Abbey~ said...

my guess: October 1st 7:23AM
7lb 4oz 20in.

Tia said...

Sept 27th @ 11 am
7lbs 10oz - 20 in

Katrina said...

Hmm I say September 30th

6lbs 15oz

8:48 pm

This is Katrina from HM

rockinabbs29 said...

Sept 26th

7lbs 7ozs


rockinabbs29 said...
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