Sunday, October 4, 2009

Corbett's Birth Day!

We welcomed Corbett Levi Metcalf into the world last Sunday morning at 11:47Am. It was a long pregnancy the last month or so...

My entire pregnancy went very quickly. I think mostly because Jacob was gone, I didn't have time to sit and think too much about how long I had been pregnant or how much longer I would be pregnant. It worked to my benefit for the most part. The pregnancy itself went very well also-I was able to keep up with my work out routine well into my pregnancy and when it got to the point of no more lifting weights or hard core walking workouts I just kept busy doing the "normal" things throughout the day.

The last month my legs started to swell considerably. My feet felt very bruised-as they still do, but the swelling has completely disappeared. About 3 weeks before my due date, I was SO READY to get done being pregnant. All my other children came early, so I psyched myself up for this one to follow suit.

As it was getting closer and closer to my due date, I was getting very antsy and could feel like the birth would be very soon; however, whenever I would go to the Midwife they would just keep saying "Well, it could be anytime. And when you go into labor you need to get to the hospital because this is gonna go fast!" So this is what I was anticipated!

Last Saturday, my contractions started in the morning just like they did everyday for the last 2 weeks. Small steady every 10 minute contractions. They don't hurt, but are uncomfortable. Around 6PM, some of the contractions made me stop what I was doing for a second...but those were just very random. At this point, in my head I thought "tonight's the night"! About 11:30PM i just couldn't sleep. Couldn't get comfortable. The contractions were steadily 3-5 minutes apart and very uncomfortable with pain in my legs and around my back. So we decided to go ahead to the hospital.

We got to the hospital about midnight, and they attached me to their FHM and that machine that measures contractions. Fortunately, they only kept me hooked up for the required time-I hate being attached to that thing! Well, Sharon(my midwife) came and asked what I wanted to do since my contractions didn't seem to be getting too severe. I did not want to be sent home. I asked her to just break my water-it was bulging. she said that would be considered inducing me and they can't do that til I was overdue. She asked me my due date again and I said, "Today--well, yesterday now." and she looked up and said, so today is Sunday you were due Saturday-you are technically over due. She advised getting some sleep and breaking my water at 5AM if nothing changed til then. We all agreed on that! She stripped my membranes and gave me some Stadol...I was about 4 cm and fully efaced, baby was at a -1.

The Stadol knocked me out and I slept til about 3am--my husband's snoring was keeping me up along with the pain. At 5AM, Sharon came back and broke my water. I had not progressed at all--this made me very sad! So she broke my water...and we figured about 2 hours like all my others and we would be done. Well, 2 hours came and went and i was hurting bad! Jacob was begging me to get the epidural-but I did not want it. I changed my mind around 9:30 or so when the pain was just so bad I thought I was gonna lose it. Sharon was so great though. She has a very soothing voice talking me through contractions. The contractions at this point were lasting about 2 minutes long and were about every 3 minutes. There was no change in dilation through ALL that pain! UGH!
After the epidural was in place and working well, I fell asleep and woke up at 11:35am. I told my nurse that I was feeling pressure, so she called Sharon to come take a look at what was going on. The baby was ready! Three pushes later, I was holding this purple bundle of blessing in my arms! He didn't say anything until they started messing with him -taking temps and washing him off! He wieghed in at 7lbs. 15oz and measured 23 inches.

He is a happy baby! He is sleeping most of the day away still. At night he is doing great also-I only have to get up 1x a night with him! I am NOT complaining! hopefully he will follow in his siblings' footsteps and be sleeping 10-12 hours by 2 months!
This is our last baby. Our family feels complete--and our van wouldn't really hold another car seat anyway! :) God has truly blessed us! Pictures to come!


Chastity Gomez said...

Great story- I think ever story is so special and will be remembered for a lifetime! Congrats!

rockinabbs29 said...

That was a wonderful story. Congrats again, hope things are going well and youre getting adjusted :)

Chastity Gomez said...

Miss your blogging:) Come back!!!!