Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting to Know Me?

You ever have someone tell you "I KNOW YOU"? I just LOVE when people say that to me! (sarcasm emphasized!) There are VERY few people who really know me...but I am going to clear up a few "myths" about me.

1. I may seem hardcore on the outside, but I DO get hurt feelings!--especially when I am lied to. I hate lying.
2. I would rather you risk hurting my feelings by telling me something painful, than to flatter me with words. (most people want you to tell them something looks good, but me-i would rather just know the truth)
3. I don't trust people before I trust them.
4. I was made fun of almost my entire life; it has scared me deep to my core. -that is probably one of the biggest reasons I am so guarded.
5. When you don't accept my kids, I take it personally.
6. When I ask for help, it's because I REALLY need help! People have said, "Oh she is strong, she can handle it" --Strong people still need help!
7. I am not an idiot. I do research things.
8. Just because I question authority, doesn't make me a rebellious makes me smart for not just following blindly behind someone.
9. Yes, I do think you are "out to get me"....that is because this world is "every man for himself". People want what is best for themselves above all. That is what I believe to be true of people.
10. I believe people take advantage of me, and I allow it for a season. When that season ends, I am done.
11. If you keep secrets from me about things that are hurtful to me and/ or my family and I find out, I will never trust you again-no matter how hard you try. It is not the same anymore, no matter what you believe to be true. I have been burned badly.
12. I believe that the Love of God is more important than the laws of God being thrust onto a person. The reason: Once someone fully understands what the LOVE of God is, they will want to learn and  follow the laws of God. That is why I don't feel the need to put sin on levels and think one person is so much worse than another because they have done XXXX sin. I don't like being around people who "judge" others for such things. Your haughtiness is the same as their atheism, homosexuality, whoredom, or murder, or abortion for that matter! actually, i think i find your haughtiness more repulsive-because you should Know better!
13. Tell me I can't do something, and I will find a way to do it...........this is my attitude to alot of things, but not just for the sake of RULE BREAKING. I am bigger than that!
14. If I am true to myself and you don't like me, that is perfectly fine. Sometimes I don't like you either.
15. I don't play house or pretend life- if you feel the need to do that, I would rather we don't cross paths again. People like that are toxic.
16. I realize that my "friend pool" is limited because I am who I am. It doesn't bother me if you and I are not does bother me if you act like you are my friend just when it is convenient for you.

Well, there you go. I am sure this will stir  the pot.....that was not the point. Do you get it yet?


Dusty said...

I am like you in a lot of ways. i think it's admirable that you are so honest about it too.

~Abbey~ said...

thanks Dusty-i think most people don't like me for that reason too.

Tia said...

we are long lost sisters :)