Friday, July 16, 2010

Life Saver!

Back in the day....about 10 years ago now, I forced myself out of my horror of life into another horror called...well I won't disclose the name since a lot of people will think I am just being ugly. Let's just say I went from working 3 jobs, living on my own and taking care of myself to a school telling me what time i had to get up and having someone check to make sure i cleaned my room....BUT hey, I signed up for that willingly because I needed to change-I needed something drastic! So I chose to move there for a short time.

It was HARD for me, very HARD. The school work was not hard, but the culture shock was difficult. I was not used to sharing a room with 2 other people or having to wear shoes to go to the bathroom--but those were the easiest of adjustments. The hard part was quitting smoking cold turkey, not talking about who I was at all to anyone because everyone there was "perfect"--or at least led everyone else to believe that. No one had my background....heck, I wasn't sure if anyone at this school ever even attended public school or laughed at anything. UNTIL.....I met Lisa Weldy! She was a GOD SEND! I fully believe with my entire being that God put her in my life! She was someone who I could be myself with in this school. She knew how to have good clean fun and laugh HARD! She could play and joke and take a joke. She encouraged me spiritually. She convinced me (along with the help of a few others) to become a Bandit! She lent me her hat! (only she will get that!) She and I were able to minister to an elderly lady together. She quickly became  a friend I knew I would never forget. We only went to school together for about 7 months--but that wouldn't matter.

I haven't talked to Lisa all that much over the years--a contact here or there. But when we are able to talk its not even like an hour went by since our last conversation. This past weekend, Lisa was able to come spend 4 days with me and my family! WHAT A TREAT FOR US!!! She is such a blessing to me! We are still able to "debate" Bible issues, laugh as hard as ever, quote movie lines in the middle of conversations or just yell "squirrel" randomly! It's Fun!! The list could go on....I also loved watching her interact with my kids--teaching them the proper way to set a table, play checkers and be a good loser, throwing a ball or picking berries....I think my kids taught her that eating berries off the bush is the best way to eat them!

Now that she has gone home, I am finding little notes all over the house from her reminding me of her stay with us. There is no way for me to completely describe our friendship...all I can say is I AM SO BLESSED!

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Chastity Gomez said...

this post made me smile:) Thank God for good friends!