Friday, July 9, 2010

Who needs a Double stroller?

NOT ME! HAHAHA! I actually have "the Cadillac" of double strollers sitting in my garage....yeah SITTING IN MY GARAGE! We mostly take it places when I know Jacob will be pushing the stroller because the handle sits up much hirer, or if I am going to be walking ALOT. We went to the mall, and I had my camera with me for once-so i snapped a photo of what I typically look like meandering around the mall. I kid you not when I say that people actually point at me and whisper to whomever they are walking with at the moment. I don't care though. I HATE fighting with a stroller when i am trying to get around the racks in stores. My kids love it! They think it is fun. This stroller has had a bum wheel since we got it before Clayton was born, so it has seen its day and I am sure I only make it worse by loading nearly 60 pounds into it. That's fine my me though, in a few months it is going to go in the trash and that will be the end of stroller days!

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~Abbey~ said...

haha-i was just reading this and saw my word "hirer" BAHAHAHAH! What? i meant HIGHER!