Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apples to Apple(dumpling)s

I Love fresh apples in the fall season! We went to the farmer's stand to pick up a bushel the other day, and it was like money burning a hole in my pocket to bake something with them! Candice wanted to help. I was glad to let her. Since baking with apples is one of my favorite pastimes, I want at least one of my kids to enjoy doing it with me and remember that THAT'S what "me and mom used to do!"
We decided to make Apple dumplings. Now, I have to admit that I have never made them before, nor did I look up any kind of recipe to make these-so for all I know that is not even what I made, but that's what I will call them! :)

They turned out SOOOO good! Nicely sweet apple filling with flaky golden crust! YUMMY! I could eat one just since I am writing about it now. Too bad there is no app for scratch and sniff!
The ONLY thing I might add next time is some kind of nuts, either pecans or walnuts, because I love nuts!

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