Friday, October 22, 2010

Go, Go, Go!!

Corbett finally decided walking is much faster than crawling! He is 4 days shy of 13 months. (Clayton was this age when he started walking too; as a matter of fact, Cameron may have been also. I woudl have to look back to knwo for sure. Candice walked at 7 months.) Once he gets going, he really can't stop except by falling over....hmm..reminds me of my skiing talents! LOL! Anyway, I am so excited he is walking! I love watching them learn and seeing their face light up when they realize why we are clapping and saying "YAY!!" He is very proud of himself now! I suppose he really is not a baby any more --now a definite TODDLER! I was disappointed a few weeks ago when i tried to put the Stride Rite shoes that all my kids have worn at this point on him. They were WAY too small. Like 2.5 sizes too small. This child has HUGE feet! He is now in a 5, and those technically are too small since his toes are past the "fit" line. He is just getting SO big! I love it though! His personality is beaming brightly!

Next step, cut the bottle before bed. I am not really ready to fight that battle, so I may chose to let it go a little longer. But at least during the day, it's only sippy cups..the ones with straws. He does so much better with those!


Chastity Gomez said...

Elijah wears a size 6 shoe and he is almost 2 and a half!!! Corbett's a big boy!

Dana said...

go Corbett GOOO!