Sunday, November 7, 2010


Deep breath in......let it out nice and slowly.........  That is how today felt. A refreshing breath even. Usually on Sundays, we go through this battle with our kids of "I don't want to go to church", "Why do we have to go?", "can we sit with you?" "can we go to class?" "Can i bring a toy?" "Why can't i stay home and have church here?"

We visited a new church the last few weeks. And this morning, my children got ready for church very quickly wihtout 1 single arguement about anything, and were ready adn telling me "mom, hurry up we are going ot be late!" "c'mon mom, can we get in the car yet?". THAT was Soooo nice to hear! They seem to really like this church and are excited to go. I am VERY thankful that going to church this morning was a joyous occassion for all involved!

Also thankful that I made myself sit down and watch a Lifetime movie today. Yea, it was a waste of time once it got to the end (they always end lame!) but I was glad i made myslef just sit down and do nothing for 2 hours. I needed that. (really I probably needed to nap, but oh well)

Also thankful that I got to have a phone date with my sister tonight. We scheduled it for afer the kids were in bed, and both our husbands were gone for the what better way to spend an evening than with your sister for 2 hours...even if its over the phone!