Monday, December 13, 2010

Now that's a one BIG...

HAIRDO! WHOA! I never thought Candice's hair would take so well to curlers! We have done those pink foamy ones many times, and they do not work well. She asked me to put curlers in her hair, and I had even thrown the pink ones away. So I started cutting up an old burp rag and rolling her hair. It took about 40 minutes to cut and roll...She has a TON of hair! I should have counted how many were in there. Oh well!

What a doll though! I can't wait til her bangs are grown out more so they are out of her face all the time!
So, the curlers remained in her hair through the first part of our day. She did not want to take them out to go to the grocery store or to get dressed, because she had to have Tori see her in them! So needless to say, as soon as Tori got there, we started unrolling! It didn't take long to notice how well her hair took to these curls! It was unreal!
Her face was soon looking even smaller than it normally does! Her hair was looking QUITE LARGE! I swear it looked as though she had on one of those Halloween costume wigs from the '70's. Those big huge Afro hairdo's. OH MY! But she was so proud of it! and honestly, as crazy as it looked she still looked so cute! Maybe a little taming gum next time will help though! Glad we didn't have to be anywhere special today though, that is for sure! or should I say Fo' Sho' :)
One day, surely she will say WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, MOTHER!? and I will laugh!


Chastity Gomez said...

Holy cow, that is curly! I am tempted to try it on my girls hair- well, maybe Sophias- how do you do it?

~Abbey~ said...

i cut strands of fabric (you could use an old T-shirt) about 4-5 inches long. you twist the hair first in sections, then kinda fold the hair into the fabric tomake sure the ends are just sticking out in crazy directions. then you just hold it tight and start rolling like you would on a curler. it takes a little work/practice, but once you get the hang of it it really easy. once the curler is wrapped all the way up to the scalp you tie it in a knot. the first part of the knot TIGHT, then the part that makes the actual know-not too tight or you will be cutting them out! it works WAY better than those cheap pink curlers. oh when you unroll them there is no rhyme or reason to it. they come out in ringlets--on normal hair anyway!

Anonymous said...

HOW FUNNY!!!! She looks like Kensley! ;) -Kelly