Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And to think I was SO mad!!

The past few days/nights have been really rough with Corbett and Cameron sleeping. --or NOT sleeping. So by the afternoon, they are sleeping so soundly I hate waking them up to go pick up Clayton. So yesterday I wrote a note to Clayton's teacher telling her that now that Spring was here, Clayton would be riding the bus everyday in the afternoon unless there was a note sent in for that day. So today, everything was going as planned in the napping department...when my phone rings. I look at the clock it is 3:12pm. Clayton is supposed to get off the bus at 3:20pm. I pick  it up-sure enough it is the school. I hear the voice on the other end.."Are you on your way to pick up Clayton?" "Um, no, Clayton was supposed to be riding the bus today!" "OK, well he is here in the office so if you could, get here as soon as you can. Thank you!"
At this point in my mind, I was pretty much roaring mad. This was the whole reason I wanted him to ride the bus. Here, I have 3 kids fast asleep whom I now have to go rip out of bed and throw into the car, to which this action will spawn negative reactions! Oh the joy! So I do what I have to do. I get to the school; the secretary meets me outside so I don't have to unload! (It was a very thoughtful gesture!)
As Clayton gets in the van, he starts talking about how he had to wait SO long for me. I reminded him that he was supposed to ride the bus today. He proceeds to tell me, "Well,  while I was waiting in car line, I told Luke how to get saved. I told him the prayer he should say-something like 'Dear Jesus. Thank you for this day. Please come into my heart and save me. Amen.' But I told him you have to understand what it means to be saved first before you can say that prayer. But he didn't really know what that was. I tried to tell him, but it was kinda hard for me to explain. I told him I can bring him a track that can explain it better. He said he has a Bible but he doesn't really read it, and his mom won't let him go to church. I don't know why."
As I listened to Clayton talk, I started tearing up. (It makes me tear up thinking about it now too!) First of all, here I was getting mad that the teacher didn't make Clayton ride the bus as I had asked of her; this was a HUGE inconvenience for me. But here God used that opportunity for Clayton to share the Gospel the best he knew how. How could I be mad about that? Secondly, It made me think how the Holy Spirit is working in his life. It makes me so thankful when I see him soft to the Holy Spirit's prodding. Thirdly, it convicted me. What spawned the whole conversation with his friend was that the boy used the word hell and apparently, Clayton wanted to make sure this boy knew exactly what he was talking about! Little did the boy know that Clayton was talking about a swear word! Maybe the boy will not use it anymore as a swear word, and maybe he will understand what Hell really is. Maybe he will come to know Christ one day and Clayton may never know. But he has planted a seed. He jumped on an opportunity that I have had many times and let it shamefully slip on by.
When I woke up this morning at 7:42am, and Clayton is supposed to be in his seat at 8:00am, and the bus already passed by; I just KNEW this was going to be an aweful day. Guess I don't know so much! How humbling!

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rockinabbs29 said...

Isn't it amazing how a day can turn around like that? That gave me chills. Thanks for sharing! You've got some great kids there ;)