Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Lab Rats on 2 Legs!

the magazines in the grocery line make me SO mad!! WHEN will people realize that there are no miracle diets! ok, so maybe they make you loose weight fast, but is it worth killing your organs? Geez, if someone celeb DR. said that Drinking and smoking was the way to lose 1lb a day, noone would be jumping on it--why do you believe the other lies????(which btw, it will make you lose weight if you smoke-i used to do that)  One day you're gonna collapse, and it's not gonna be because you walked too far on a treadmill! UGH! I want to choke people!
I used to have some respect for DR. Oz, not any more if he is supporting the hCG drop diet! I *thought* he was a respectable person who promoted healthful living, but since he is supporting this, I now have NO respect for him. This diet will kill your heart and brain. A person cannot live on 500 calories a day and put some magic drop on food, or inject it into their body and not expect a bad consequence down the road. I realize people want to see results fast, but the fact is, noone put on an extra 20+ lbs overnight or in 2 weeks and it will not come off healthily in that amount of time either. I am so sorry for the people who have tried this and have bought into the LIES of money hungry "look good now" mentality. Work is work. When you build a life of bad habits its gonna take a while to establish new ones in their place.
I realize that there are people out there that  are overweight to the degree of needing to lose something before "being able" to exercise regularly..these people can get a "jump start" with some supplement(though I still don't personally agree with the method. It is not a lifestyle though, so as soon as that "magic" goes away dieters are right back to the bad habits they were in the first place...hence, the new fad diet that comes out every time the previous one has "failed". If these diets work so well, why are the celebrities paying bukoo dollars for trainers and personal chefs? Why wouldn't they, who have to look "perfect" all the time, be the first  ones on this ship? Because they will kill you...well i guess that is one way to not worry about weight loss, die.
WAKE UP!! I am not a person who thinks that you can never have junk food or that you have to exercise all day everyday, but God did not make our bodies for some up and coming science project. And that is what society has turned itself into, a bunch of lab rats! So one day when you are on your death bed, I hope your children understand that their mother or father "just wanted to look good fast" and I hope they see that as a good reason for your early death.
**step down** (sigh)

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