Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's make a deal!

For a while now ..like months upon months... I have been wanting to get a new console for our TV. Really I wanted to get rid of the TV, but I was overruled. (side story) Jacob has been wanting to get a flat screen panel TV. I am not into all that stuff, but its the one thing he enjoys so who am I to complain!? We frequently go to our local electronics store looking for open box items that Jacob can talk them down on even more. He never leaves there paying what the sticker says. He has done this with all our kitchen appliances, clock radio, TV, and anything else we have ever bought from there over the last 6.5 years! So one day we go in there, Jacob finally had the money to buy this TV he wanted. Well he talked them down on that price even though it was on clearance already and he got them to almost give him all the cables if you want it to be able to hook up to Wifi, and mount and a Blue-Ray player. It was a sweet deal. and once it was hung, it did look pretty good. EXCEPT for the eyesore sitting under it...which brings me back to the story. So I wanted a new console. one that was not as deep as our living room is quite small. We had gone to every store we could think of looking for something int he dimensions i wanted. And let me tell you , they were kind of odd dimensions! We found this BEAUTIFUL piece with a granite top on it, brow and black marbled color with a solid black wood bottom. It was PERFECT! But the price was just ridiculous at "we will give you a deal at $1600"...GULP, I don't think so! So on a random day I went into our Goodwill to see if they had any outdoor toys. I scored a metal red radio flyer trike, a hot wheels Big wheel, and a Fisher Price Car all for $11.00!! A STEAL! Then I decide to walk around a little "just to see what they have". And lo and behold there sits this piece of furniture. It was tall and black and beat up and needed some TLC so badly, but all I could think was "this would work for under my TV, I bet its sold!" I walked over and looked at the tag on it...NOT SOLD! and even better..$55! So I called Jacob to OK my purchase. He went and picked it up. We spent about $20 on new hardware and a little elbow grease... and WALLA!


Chastity Gomez said...

That is beautiful! Nice job!

Kristy said...

It looks great under the TV and has so much storage space for all that extra TV stuff..... what a great buy for $55! Nice work... and I'm super impressed by your husband's negotiating skills :)

~Abbey~ said...

Thanks! I told you you are inspiring! :)