Monday, January 30, 2012

He's a Little Man

OK, get past the funny part of Cameron sneaking herself into this picture! HAHA!! I only see these things after the fact! Makes me smile!
I haven't talked about Clayton much, and thought it due time. He is growing up so fast! I LOVE spending time with him. His favorite thing right now is scaring me! It drives me nuts! His stealth and quietness come behind me whenever I am glued to some task that has my complete attention...then the next thing you know my heart is in my foot!, and he is laughing hysterically! Stinker! He played football this fall and hated it all the while loving it. He can't wait to play again. He is in T&T and absolutely LOVES it! He said its way better than Sparks ever was! He is getting high A's in every subject, except Language Arts in which he carries a B+. He loves to ride his bike and try to do tricks on it. He can pop a good wheelie! He is VERY strong! He can cradle carry Candice around the house for a long period of time. He takes pride in that! He is starting to notice girls noticing him. He likes to fix his hair with gel and spikes! He wants me to color the tips of his hair blonde (not gonna happen and time soon!). He LOVES Legos! He hates that Corbett seems to find all his Legos and ruin his creations. He is sensitive more than he lets on to people. Reminds me of me. He looks up to his dad SO much. He wants to be JUST like him! He only likes to wear collared shirts unbuttoned over a T-shirt. He only likes dark blue jeans. He will not wear shorts or any kind of lounge pants unless it is the last resort. He likes to break things. He watches out for his sisters. He watches out for me too. I am SO proud of who he is and who he is becoming! HE has much growing to do in lots of ways, but God is showing Himself faithful in every area!

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Dusty said...

Aw...he is growing up! I rue the day that Aron or any of my children decide to start sneaking up on me cause I scare SO easily. lol