Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All I want for Christmas!!

yep, is my 2 front teeth...well, Clayton's 2 front teeth. MY teeth are just fine! Clayton lost 2 bottom teeth with a week of each other! there are another 1 or 2 lose now but they are not near ready to fall out! He is going through these "small" milestones and they aren't even that big of a deal to him! He is growing up so fast! Kindergarten is half over already and he is aloready talking about who he hopes he gets for 1st grade teacher! he reads books to his sisters and takes PRIDE in accomplishing NEAT homework! My little boy is growing up--inside and out!
We didn't get Clayton new teeth for Christmas, but i am sure he will be so excited when he opens up his Razor Scooter! Hopefully the scooter won't make him lose any more teeth--at least not the permanent ones!

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