Tuesday, December 16, 2008

here's what i think...

this is to prove to Jacob that i am guessing what he bought me for Christmas! I think he got me a purse. I think its one that cost him more money than i think he should spend. He has been wanting me to get a Coach bag or a D&B bag or something from those types of bags for some time and i ALWAYS protest. I protest because i am perfectly happy with my $10 bag from Sears Jr. Dept! He thinks that i will love having somehting like a Coach bag cuz that seems to be "the thing" with ladies right now. For one, i am not a trend setter, not a trend follower so i could care less. So my guess is that he bought me one of these bags, since i have NO say in it and he wants me to have one. I iwll roll my eyes and hug his neck and then tell him how ridiculous it is to spend that kind of money on some THING...then he will say just be happy cuz i wanted to get it for you and i will fill it up with all my junk....that is my prediction!

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