Thursday, December 18, 2008

my soapbox of the day!

Why are people so uncomfortable with natural things?

  • You tell someone you eat WHOLE WHEAT flour instead of White bleached flour and they look at you like you are wacko.
  • You tell someone you use CLOTH DIAPERS instead of chemically filled disposables and you are looked at like you are crazy.
  • You tell someone that you use BAKING SODA and VINEGAR for cleaning instead of amonia and bleach satuarted products and you are sneered at like you are dirty.
  • You tell someone that you DON"T GET FLU VACCINES or Allow you children to have other vaccines and you are looked at like you may just give them the disease of a lifetime that will kill them in the next 30 seconds!
  • You BREASTFEED your baby and get complaints that it makes OTHERS UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

GET A FREAKING CLUE PEOPLE!!! Life is NOT all about you! In a world where society is SO environmentally conscious, it surprises me that the above listed things are looked at like FREAK! ALL those things are far better for us and the environment than anything you can find at the grocery store.

I could go on, but i will refrain. Off my soapbox!

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Tia said...

GO ABBEY! :) Are you really my sister?