Friday, January 9, 2009

It still shiney!!

My good friend, Tia recommended FlyLady to me! At first i was just curious so i looked her up. Now i am thinking she is awesome! Day 1--shine your kitchen sink. Everytime i use my kitchen sink i shine is 9:52PM of day 3 and it is still shiney! My LR is completely clean and my bedroom is clutter free! This babysteps thing is great! I sound like my house is a disaster area with out FlyLady. Its not...someone could come over JUST ABOUT anytime...ok, i would need 5 minutes. But I always have clutter spots--catch-alls....Namely my kitchen table. I come in the door and throw whatever is in my hands there so i can whip one out for Cameron, or help someone with the potty, or grab the phone as i almost drop a gallon of milk...whatever the case is, the end of my kitchen table is not reserved for a guest. But i am proud to say that today was the first day that i have had clutter on my table ALL week! (I am patting myself on the back, by the way) My mom would be so proud! Thanks Tia!


Elise O. said...

I'm working on cleaning and rearranging my room right now! No matter what I do, though, it always ends up getting re-cluttered a couple weeks after I clean it.

We finally got a chance to take our tree down today... We were afraid it would end up setting our house on fire if we didn't! =)

Thanks for commenting my blog.
- Elise

~Abbey~ said...

Try it has really helped me with those babysteps. i feel very overwhelmed at times because i think whats the point-my kids are gonna wreck this as soon as i am done-but she has some really good tips!

Tia said...

I will be checking in on you to make sure you continue to "fly" :)

Mom of 3 said...

Oh I LOVE me some FlyLady! I have her book.