Sunday, January 11, 2009

Say Mama...DADA!

[Aunt Elaine i hope you read this! You will laugh and grit your teeth just like i do!] It was funny this morning. Cameron woke up at her usual 7:07 on my clock! So i went in to get her and i always bring her in my bed on Sunday mornings for nursing. We get to sleep in til 8 on Sundays! Well she was happy this morning--finally after a week of no giggles and all sniffles! After she had finished nursig, I was talking to her. I am trying to get her to say "Mama"--we (Aunt Elaine and I) thought she said it once, but i think we were wrong, cuz she hasn't said it at all again! This morning she was saying Baby, Baba, and various other sounds that really mean nothing yet. So i try to get her to say Mama...She looks at me gives me this huge grin and says "DADA"-then she giggles. I am starting to think its on purpose! She killing me! Who's the one that changes and washes the diapers, spends hours a day nursing, and doing EVERYTHING for this child? MAMA!!! I have to laugh! She is so cute!

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Susana K. Cordeiro said...

ha ha so funny!!!! i hear you there. that's gonna happen to me! she is so cute and getting so big...
seriously you inspire me... three kids, budgeting, etc. i know you don't think so but you are doing great.
where has jacob been?