Thursday, February 26, 2009

Its Been 7 Years...

this is CRAZY! 7 years ago i got sick. I thought i had a sinus infection and within days i couldn't breathe and was coughing like a heavy smoker. It was AWEFUL. I had pleuracy-an infection in the lining of the lungs. It was just about to turn into pneumonia when i went to the hospital. I thought i was having a heart attack! I broke the cartiledge between all my ribs from coughing so hard.
Before that, I think i was in 10th or 11th grade when i got some 2 day flu-like bug.
well, this past Sunday i woke up with a sore throat. i just figured the air was dry, allergies are starting to kick in around here, i am over tired and run down--blah, blah-i am fine. By Tuesday morning i could hardly speak. i could not even swallow my own saliva it hurt so bad. I thought about cutting my throat out! (not really, but it was BAD!) Giving birth was looking good at this point! So i went to the Dr. and i have Strep! I couldn't believe it! NOT THAT I AM ABOVE GETTING SICK by any means!!! I hope no one reads this and thinks i am bragging.."i never get sick". I just have a very strong immune system and given my track record; it really just surprised me that i was really that sick!
I am SO GRATEFUL everyday for the immune system God gave to me! I really do pray everyday and thank God for it! I know its rare to not even get a cold. (surely i carry things and give it to others!) But i really feel for those who have to deal with constant illness with such bad things like strep and flu's and the like. its terrible.
Its now Thurday night and I do feel better than i did. but this thing really kicked my butt! By the end of the day i am so exhausted! My energy is shot. It also makes me grateful for a helpful husband...well, when he is here!

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