Friday, February 27, 2009

My Little Book Worm!

Candice absolutely adores books! She wants me to read to her constantly. She doesn't care what it is really. We go to the library about 1x every 3 weeks. Sometimes more, but that is pretty typical. Lately she has even been bringing books to the lunch table and has her nose burried in it til i tell her its time to eat not read! Its really aswesome to watch and LISTEN to. She tells the stories really well as the pictures speak to her. Right now, Green Eggs and Ham is one of her favorites. She knows the story well enough-that if you didn't you would wonder if she were actually reading it! I think its great! I mean reading is definately not in the top priority lists for neither Jacob nor me. So i hope it keeps going! People who read can be so much smarter!

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