Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

It usually doesn't snow here, BUT this year we got a bunch. Our direct area was only hit once--THANK GOD!! I have come to abhor the snow! Seriously, i hate it. I was thinking about how badly i dislike it and i actually kinda felt sad for me for hating it so much. I look around and everyone is all cheerful cuz everything is closed--that i don't care too much about. The kids love the snow. I wish i liked it more, just so i could enjoy it with them. I did go have a snowball fight with Clayton. He hit me like 3 times to my 100 hits on him. He loves it! He was so sad that it was practically all gone by the end of the day. We got about 3 inches i think. Candice played in it for about 30 minutes before she had enough and wanted her hot cocoa! I will say that i was glad for Clayton to have a snow day from school. At first i was not at all, but it was so nice to stay in jammies for a while and watch some cartoons with them before starting the daily chores.


Tia said...

you should have come hung out w/ me & let me drive you crazy ... you know I was as excited as your kids! :) :)

~Abbey~ said...

maybe next time! did you forget that we are "OLD"!?