Monday, March 30, 2009

I am a test pattern sewer!

Well, this blog i read always has such cute kids clothes, and i always think one day i am getting out my sewing machine and am going to spew someof these things out. Well, last week i was reading and the author of the blog was looking for test pattern sewers. She needed 5 of them. the job-volunteer job-would consist of a pattern being sent to me, and within 5 days i email her with my finished product. So i think to myself-"so many times i have thought of trying her stuff, i should email. i doubt i will get chosen-certainly there are so many people who will respond." well, she emailed me and said i was chosen! So now i know to watch my email for her patterns. i was excited and nervous! It has been about 4 or 5 years since i have read a pattern--i sew random things,but they are my own little masterpieces!

So Monday or Tuesday i get this pattern in my email. I have no printer and it is POURING RAIN Monday and Tuesday (side note: i DO NOT go out in rain simply because i hate standing there buckling kids in carseats meanwhile i am getting drenched in rain). So i know at this point i need to get to the library adn Hobby Lobby for fabric and to print off this stuff. Wednesday it clears enough for me to not be grumpy going out in the drizzle. I print off the pattern, which if you know anything about patterns, when you bu them in the store they are one big piece you can look at it and say "oh theres what i am going to make" and cut around and have a shape. printing one off the computer you have to puzzle it together to make what you are looking to do. this made it look even scarier to me! I made it to HL for fabric. Found CUTE Strawberry Shortcake fabric that the girls squealed over-so i got that for $3.00/yd and some complimentary yellow for $2/yd.

Got home, no time to sew because we have AWANA on Wednesday! Thursday was a CRAZY day adn i was planning to leave to go to my sister's on Friday after i picked Clayton up from school. So i keep thinking i will stay up all nigh tif i have to Thursday to get this done! I had to turn it in by Saturday (did i mention that before, can't remember!)

Well i got the kids in bed by 8 and got started getting all my supplies together and reading hte pattern. It was UPHORIA--so quiet except for the squeak of my scissors, the puff of the iron and the humm of my sewing machine at random intervals. the hours seemed to be eternal, but ina good way. I finshed my little boutique pants and looked at the clock, it was only just 11pm. It had only taken me 3 hours. Now that i know what i ma doing with this certain pattern i am certain i could cut that time in half! I was very pleased with the outcome too! And CANDICE LOVES them! though they were really for Cameron. they are pants, but on Candice they fit like long shorts/gouchos/coulotts--whatever you wanna call them. but she loves them! i intend on making more! Next i will try the shirt pattern that accompanies these pants! hopefully this week! here are the pictures!
Adding elastic. Cameron in the pants. Then Candice in the same pair! LOL!


Chastity Gomez said...

I really want a sewing machine! It would be fun to make something and then see the kids in it! Good job!

~Abbey~ said...

the WORST part is not having a place to keep it put all the time- i wish i could so i woud ldo more of it! they don't cost much any more-you can get a decent one for 100$--very worth it and i recommend taking a class just ot break the ice with the machine!