Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well, it was bound to happen!

Well, sickness has struck our house! My Word, a girl can go so long with not much excitement when it comes to illness then BAM its all here at once. I think i posted that i got strep a week and a half ago now. Well Cameron has been so congested. i had her to the Dr. and they said it was nothing. then it wouldn't go away so i took her back, they still said it was nothing, but since i was persistent they treated her for a sinus infection. they put her on antibiotics for 20 days! (that seems awful long to a mom who hates meds!) BUT despite the 20 day regimen, she is still not better! So i took her again today, and again i am told "the sinusitis probably just didn't respond to the first round of antibiotics, lets try a second." I wanted them to take blood to make sure there was an infection-but they didn't deem it necessary-just pump her full of meds! So for the next 20 days she has to take Augmentin! (I am so not for this, but i hope it helps!)
I do think that is people would just stay home when they are sick we could eliminate all the sickness that just keeps getting passed around. Believe me, we will ALL appreciate you sick person staying home instead of passing your "I'm not contagious" disease to us! i could preach on all the sick people i see out and about coughing and sneezing and wiping thier snotty noses with their hand only to come try to touch my babies hand and tell me how cute she is! GRRR!!!
ok so after all this, Last night Clayton starts coughing in his sleep. So i go in and check on him-only to walk into the fact that he threw-up all over his bed adn pillow! Thankfully it wasn't on his main blanket! I cannot handle throw up! I start to yack myself when cleaning it. so i rolled everythign up into a ball and put it out for the trash! (don't worry they weren't good sheets either!) he is feeling better now, but he did managed to make it to the bowl abut 4 other times last night! Good grief--this has been the worst year yet! (and truthfully i am really thankful-it could be so much worse! this is only Cameron's 2nd antibiotic ever- so i definately know it could be worse!)

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