Wednesday, May 13, 2009

.....And the countdown begins....

So we are on our own for a while! I thought this time around it would be a lot easier to say good bye. And in some ways it was. the actual "good-bye" not so easy, but next day-even sleeping at night, much better than the last time! As my husband and I walked away from the van, we looked back and all we could see was Clayton's face buried in his hands with his shoulders bobbing up and down in rhythmic pattern. That was the saddest moment i have ever seen. I still tear up thinking about it. Jacob gave him reassurance, and it helped some...but the ride home was tough. I tried to make light on the fact that when Dad's away we do lots of fun things to make the time pass quickly. This was Clayton's response: "It doesn't matter what stuff we do when he is gone, its never as fun when dad's not here!" I tried and was shot down....then i suggested we stop for donuts, it was a more successful attempt at clearing some tears! LOL!

Tonight was hard too. i can see how Clayton is unsure of himself through all these changes. he doesn't want to leave my side. Maybe he is scared i will go far away too. Pray for us, but especially pray for Jacob! He WILL be home---he promised!

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