Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We will covet your prayers!

I am sure you didn't get up this morning and think to yourself as your first thought...."wow, thank you Lord for my health"....usually our first thought of the morning is, "ugh, just afew more minutes please!"

Today i have been humbled. Today my friend found out that her husband has leukemia. This couple is our youth director and his wife. For a few weeks he has felt off and sick. I don't know all the ins and outs, but yesterday he was just sick and went to the Dr. Straight away they the sent him to Baptist Hospital for a bone marrow biopsy and probably some other tests. The tests confirmed that it is Leukemia, though a treatable type! This couple has been abig blessing to our church. They have a real heart for the young people and more importantly for God.

I know that they will come through this, but it will not be easy. I KNOW they will be blessed by the prayers of many. Will you take one minute to pray for them right now? They are Darren and Isabel Rood; they also have an 18 month son, Bryan. Please pray for strength and healing and that God will be glorified no matter what happens in the time to come! Thank you!