Monday, May 11, 2009

My ABC's of Motherhood!

26 things i love about motherhood!

A: Abbey-dabby...what i hear from my baby girl when she babbles-this reminds me that God gave her a voice!

B: Boxes and Boxes of out grown clothes-they remind me that my kids are growing and i need to savour EVERY moment with them!

C: Clayton, Candice, Cameron--need i say more!?

D: Dadda, Daddy...2 out of 3 kids have said this for their first words! They have the best dad a kid could ever want or dream of!

E: Elmo--How do i HATE elmo! But, its a small thing to do to see the joy on my kids i siffer though it sometimes!

F: Forget: the kids forget your faults so fast-they are like little puppies!

G: Green Eggs and Ham--My kids LOVE this book! Candice has it pretty much memorized, and Clayton reads it outloud. Cameron listens intently. And when they say they don't liek something, one of the others reminds them if they try they just may!

H: Holy Spirit-He reminds me daily of my children's need for Him! Fortunately, Clayton has accepted Christ, but he still needs growth. It is a challenge to "always" make the right chouices, but when little eyes are watching and copying everything--the Holy Spirit gives gentle pricks!

I: "I"--the person we need to forget the most and that is a hard thing to teach kids!!!

J: Joy--"there is no greater joy than to see that my children walk in truth"--this is my prayer!

K: Kindness--i LOVE to see my kids be kind to one another! i truely believe they really love each other and would do anythign for the other!

L: Little--they are only little once! ONCE--one chance to do it all right and see it all....a MILLION chances to do dishes and sweep floors!

M: MOMMY--whether i hear it in a happy voice, or a repetative MAMA, or through tears, it never brings me saddness to be called Mommy!

N: NO!!! Can a mother say this word enough? somedays it seems like that is all you do, but then one day, they "get it" and its all worth the work, sweat and tears!

O: Obedience: the first verse my kids learn by the time they are about 18months is "Children Obey your parents in the Lord for this is right" Ephesians 6:1...even more than obeying us, we try to instill in them they need to obey God. It is neat to see how they strive to do that!

P: Potty--never a FUN time in motherhood, teaching to go potty, BUT what a time to see the independence of a child and their first major hurdle plowed through! (whew-2 more to go!)

Q: Questions!! OH THE QUESTIONS! they get more interesting as the years go by! "who made..." to "where do babies come from"...never a dull moment!

R: Resilience-i love to see the kids resilience when they try so hard to do something and then they get up and try again! ...and again! reminds me that i need to get up and try a few things a few more times before giving up!

S: SILLY moments! I cannot even tell you all the silly things the kids have done--Clayton will just walk into a room adn act like an old man with a cane, or Candice putting on some crazy outfit, or both of them double teaming us...even Cameron has funny faces she makes already! A good laugh is never far away!

T: talks--serious talks happen with kids starting so young. They come to you because they honestly think you have ALL the answers, and all the RIGHT answers! OH, boy, have they got a thing to learn! Just reminds me that I KNOW who has all the answers and i had better consult HIM many times a day if i am going to give my kids any kind of advice about anything!!

U: understanding...we as adults make somethings so complicated. i am learning this more and more-especially when it comes to the things of the Lord. the kids have a simple undersatanding that allows them so much freedom to explore what God has in store! We tie ourselves down by making htings so much harder sometimes! A lesson the kids continue to teach me!

V: Visionaries--My kids are HUGE dreamers! I LOVE IT! they believe they can and will do anything imaginable...and i hope they fulfill every dream they have, no matter how far fetched it sounds to me!

W: Work-so many people have asked me if i work! What kind of dumb question is that? well maybe they are not mothers! I have learned that the question should be "do you work outside the home?" the work of a mother is never complete, and yet it is the most satisfying job I could ever have!

X: XXXXXXX....kisses by the thousands!!

Y: YAY!...i love being my kids loudest cheerleader! I don't care who hears, they are doing great and i want them to know it! watching them learn to ride a bike, or hit a ball, or just write a letter on a piece of paper, or taking their first steps! we all need encouragement and i want my kids to remember that i cheered the loudest for them!

Z: Zoo: the constant state of my house! LOL! not really, but it feels that way most days. going here or there, tackling this project or that, doing whatever needs to be done--and i woudlnn't trade it for ANYTHING!


Chastity Gomez said...

I think I am going to steal this idea for my blog- super cute!

~Abbey~ said...

go for it :)