Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jesus said. "let the children come unto me!"

well, Candice has recently started saying all the time that she prayed and asked Jesus in her heart. (which she did do verbally when i was in the room, but i just didn't think to much of it since this was almost a year ago already and that is awfully young to understand) anyway, her church teachers have been saying that she "disrupts" the teaching time sometimes to tell other kids that they need to ask Jesus in their heart and she proceeds to give them the plan of salvation. (and its right on the money-so maybe she did understand?!) ok, so now she is walking around the house constantly singing this made up song of "he is he is Jesus is my Savior" and "I love him yes I love him". also every time she prays--which just out of the blue she will say "mommy lets pray for someone"--she includes in her prayer "and thank you Jesus so much for dying on the cross for my sins and every ones sins because you love us" seems so surreal for her to be talking this way, but yet at the same time God knows. but as a Mother-i am not sure what to think, or maybe I shouldn't think anything. what would you think if it was your child? remember she is 3 1/2!
And just a side note, i am not discrediting any child's salvation at such a young age nor do i want to give her some false security in reassuring her that YES, she did SAY a prayer. I know in time the Holy Spirit's presence will be revealed in her, i am just curious how other mothers woudl respond to their child doing this. Thanks for your input!

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Lisa said...

Wow Abbey! That's awesome! I think she is definitely on the right path! Have you sat down with her and explained everything to her and what all that means? It sounds like you have. From the little amount of time I spent with her, she seems to be a very smart little girl, and seems to comprehend a lot...having said that, I think we could consider Jesus her Savior! How exciting! Even though she is still so young, Jesus said all you need is faith like a child. He didn't say faith like a school aged child! :) How precious! I miss you. xoxo Lisa