Monday, April 20, 2009

What a fun full week of events!!!

Well the festivities of the week started off with me getting to drive to D.C. to pick Jacob up from the airport! It worked out well since a friend of ours was out of school and could come stay with the kids for us--Thank you Meagan! It was a nice treat to not have to worry about where they were and what they were doing! I was able to pick Jacob up and from there we went to Lexington, Va! It was a blessed reuinion seeing each other! Time to catch up on things with out the kids or phones was especially nice! He woke me up at 4:30 Am on Saturday ready to make the drive home to see our children! He missed them too! When we pulled in the driveway the kids were outside playing and came RUNNING to the car screaming DADDY, DADDY! they hugged his neck so tight! Clayton was tearing up but didn't want anyone to notice! That about broke me down! It was so wonderful to be a whole and complete family again!Jacob was able to take his vacation this week. The timing was so perfect(as God's always is!) because Clayton had spring break this week also! So we planned to be able to get things done around the house and outside. Clayton definately wanted to have some "dude time with dad!" and they got that! And as a family we were able to play,watch movies, go on drives and outings and just enjoy each other with out regard for bedtimes or "have to be somewhere"!
Saturday night we colored Easter Eggs! This is our tradition--Saturday night we color the eggs adn on Sunday we all take turns hiding the eggs for everyone else to find. the kids really enjoy it! Its so funny when they hide the eggs becasue they will put like 5 eggs altogether in one spot making it even EASIER to find! They get all giddy when we make a big deal over finding them! I forgot to take pictures of our hunt this year!
I had to make Candice sit with her hands soaking in Dawn for about 30minutes to take the color out! She thought she was getting a manicure! LOL! We don't color very many eggs since neither Jacob nor I can eat them. This year we did have a few plastic eggs to hide with the real ones. They kids were disappointed that they couldn't color more, but if you know me-you know how i am about wasting food!!! :) After the kids are in bed, i put their Easter baskets together-chalk, candy, a book to share, bubbles and a little toy for Cameron!
Easter Sunday BEFORE church! I have learned not to wait to take pictures because sometimes the teachers distribute red punch to the kids for snack time!!! They all looked great! Candice and Cameron LOVED their new bows, Thanks to Kelly! They are so girly, but the girls love them, so i can't say "NO" to the bow! UGH! (On a side note: Cameron is still not walking, though she does cruise the walls and anything else that will help her to stand up. She does finally say some more words!)
On Wednesday we took a ride to Concord, NC. There is a big outlet mall there. We weren't in the market to buy anything, just browsing around. We of course stopped at JARED, Galleria of Jewelry! We love that store-especially Jacob! and we also made a stop at Build-a-Bear. We thought the kids should do something fun! and they did have a good time!
Here they are choosing their bears! We gently guided them to the $10.00 bears and then told them they had to pick from these 3. It worked out perfect because there are 3 $10 bears, eacha different shade of brown!
Waiting in Line for our turn to stuff the bears! The kids were slightly disappointed that they didn't get to shove the stuffing into the bear and that a machine did it, but at least they get to push the peddle! We also chose to put "Autism Speaks" hearts in the kids bears. We know so many people no that have family members effected by Autism. Every bit helps-these hearts donated $1 to Autism Awareness! and they were purple!Then they had to give them baths and chose thier clothes. After it was all said and done, let's just say the $10 bears DO NOT cost you only $10! It was great though, and well worth it. I will admit that i am very surprised that Clayton is as attached to his as he is!

On Friday, we left early to head down to Greenville, SC where Jacob's Uncle and Aunt live. They kept the kids over night so Jacob and I could go enjoy some time together. I will make another post aboutthe weekend--It was also filled with lots of new experiences and excitement! I tink for now, "Staycations" are definately getting my vote! (wow-we did more than i even listed-i am tired just from sharing it all with you!)


Shannon said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful week. I knew you must have been busy since you have been so quiet on the net. ;)

~Abbey~ said...

Shannon! You know it! Its Crazy around here making all these adjustments! I caught myself today ready to complain about something and i thought "close your mouth-its better this than him not here!:)" I still have to post all the stuff me and Jacob did on our weekend away!

Dana said...

thats awesome!!!!...who knew build a bear had autism hearts! the kids want to go there so bad.. but i think it would break us!..:P...we had our autism walk on Saturday it was GREAT!

~Abbey~ said...

Dana-we were thinking of you when we got them! I think it was a special thing since April is Autism Awareness month. Glad your walk went well! oh and BTW, it about broke us too,and we only let them get the cheapest everything! LOL! have someone get them gift cards!

Chastity Gomez said...

Loved the pictures!I teared up reading about the kids and their daddy... so glad you had a whole week together! I Loved their Easter outfits too- and the bows:) We also did Build A Bear with the twins- its SO fun! yes, and it costa a ton but a great memory! We still need to take Ella to do one and then Elijah! So glad you are whole again!

Dana said...

awww that really means allot! maybe some day ..:P Grandma's like to splurge on those kinds of things!so Glad Jacob made it home safe and sound!