Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BAA MOO FARM: A Kindergarten Experience!

I had the opportunity to accompany Clayton's Kindergarten class to BaaMoo Farm, a working farm with guides for visitors! The kids loved it, and I even learned a few things!Above, Clayton helping to milk the cow. This one one of my favorite things for the day. The kids expressions and comments after milking a cow was priceless!They were also able to go into the hen house to gather the eggs. The farmers put smiley faces on the eggs for the day. They use the same eggs all day for every group and then use them for eating the next day! Way to recycle! :)
Clayton petting one of the baby cows! These cows were really cute!
Clayton bottle feeding a calf. I will say, I was so uneasy with them being bottle fed; i guess that whole "breast is best" is overflowing onto the farm for me! It was just so unnatural-but the calves didn't seem to mind one bit!
In the above picture the guide is instructing the children on how to treat the cows and how to feed them. She aslo told us what kind of cows they are. The picture below are just some of the cows from a dairy farm. These cows are seriously 2x the size of your everyday cows! They were HUGE!!
Here the children were able to feed goats and learn about what they eat and are used for. They were impressed that milk and cheese can come from goats as well as the cows! I was disappointed there were no fainting goats! I loe the fainting goats, they are so cute and they faint when startled! Its so funny!
This was Clayton's favorite animal of the whole day! The longhorn Steer!
Here we are, me and my boy! (i cannot believe Kindergarten is almost over-less than 45 days left of school!)


Chastity Gomez said...

What a fun experience! Wish I could have gone!

~Abbey~ said...

you would have loved it too!

Shannon said...

Looks like fun!