Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Dresses: Springing into the season!

These are the girls Easter dresses for this year. They will wear them til its too cold to wear tehm any more, but Easter is a good "excuse" for new dreses-right?! Candice and I had a date to go dress shopping for the girls! It was fun to spend time with her one on one shopping for girl stuff! She originally picked out this dress-which she had been talking abut for weeks-She HAD to find a pink dress with white polka dots. We looked everywhere! JCPenny had one, but it was $38. I am NOT spending $38 on a dress at this age! With my luck, that would be the week they give them Hawaiian Punch in Sunday School or something! LOL! Anyway, the Pink polka dot dress was her 2nd choice and I got out of the store with spending less than $20-so that wasn't as bad! She helped pick Cameron's dress as well, but was not nearly as fussy about what it looked like! I am looking forward to seeing the girls in the dresses--i guess my mission for the next 3 days shoud be finding something that Clayton will want to wear! At least he only needs a spring
colored shirt to match Khakis!

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