Tuesday, April 7, 2009

She is under weight-can't you tell?

I have to laugh everytime i take Cameron to the Dr. They are constantly telling me how underweight she is. They are always worried because she does not steadliy increase in weight. But seriously, does a child HAVE to weight so much? I garantee in few years the same Drs will be telling me she is over weight and needs to be on some diet program! So i took this picture last night. Can you see her ribs? I kid you not, the chils had 3 salad plates loaded with chicken/rice/broccoli casserole (my own concoction recipe)! Clayton and Candice ate about 1 plate full and salad. Cameron totally ruled the table last night! Oh, and by hte way, this is not out of the ordinary eating-she eats like that every meal. Morning: she eats a LARGE bowl of Cheerios with 2% milk, and sometimes fruit on the side. Lunch: some kind of sandwhich on whole wheat bread (usually PBJ, TUNA, or egg) plus fruit or veggies plus whatever else i give out that day. not to mention a snack at 10a and 3pm.....and she's underweight?!


Mom of 3 said...

Yea, I would be laughing at the doctor too. :) Sometimes you just have to wonder what they are thinking.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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