Tuesday, June 2, 2009

20 things I miss most about my husband!

There are PLENTY more than 20 things I could list that I really miss about Jacob when he is not here, but I will stop at 20.

  1. Getting up in the early hours of the morning (the alarm goes off at 4:30AM-I do get him to hit snooze soemtimes! ;) to make him coffee and pack his lunch. The Proverbs 31 woman rose early ("She riseth early while it is yet night and giveth meat to her household..." vs.15); it has always been my conviction that I get up with my husband in the morning-or before him-to make sure that he is able to get off to work on the right foot. People have asked me so many times "Can't he make his own cofffee or pack the lunch at night and set the coffee pot so you can sleep in." BUT the Prov 31 woman GOT UP and DID something for her family-and it is my conviction that God wants the same from me today! So yes, I actually MISS doing this stuff for him early in the morning!

  2. I miss watching and listening to him read his Bible and pray in the morning before work. It is a HUGE encouragement to me to see my husband do these things! It also strengthens me in my walk with God. It is an accountability thing too. When we pray together, I feel as close as I possible can to my husband!

  3. I Miss standing at the front door watching him drive down the road til I can't see his headlights in the dark any more. Wierd, maybe, But every morning I have this routine of carrying his thermos of coffee and lunch to the front door where he stands ready to walk out-he turns and gives me a hug and kiss, tells me he loves me and to have a great day. I ask him if he has his phone and he goes to his car and drives off. I stand at the door and watch until I can't see the light of his car any more, and then i know he is off with no problem.

  4. I miss my 3:35 PM phone call to let me know that he is on his way home and to answer the question "What's for dinner, Babe?"

  5. I miss that time of day whenthe kids start asking every 10 minutes how much longer til Daddy get home and I can answer just 15 minutes, or just 1 hour....right now they still ask all the time but its in DAY format that I have to answer them.

  6. I miss the moment he walks in the door and 3 children are trying to climb on him adn he tells them all that they have to wait for hugs and kisses til Mommy gets hers. I love how he puts me first...puts US first!

  7. I miss the quiet evening when the children are put to sleep and we have time alone to just BE. Sometimes we bake cookies, sometimes we play a game, sometimes we watch something on TV; whatever we end up doing we do it together....and its not just a WEEKEND thing-its and EVERY DAY thing!

  8. I miss the look in my husbands eyes when he watches my bedtime routine....as he says it takes me so long...but I have to check adn double check everything. Make sure all the kids are covered, their rooms are picked up, and that my kitchen is "coffee pot friendly" in the morning. When its all done, he will ask..."are you ready now?" to go to bed. I am.

  9. I miss the pillow talk, or no pillow talk just rest. Just resting on his shoulder before drifting off to sleep.

  10. I miss hearing him tell me after I have been at the gym, outside sweating in the yard, cleaning, or cooking...whatever the task is that has given me no opportunity or want to "fix" myself up...I miss hearing him say "you look so beautiful" when clearly he is looking at some other woman while saying that!

  11. I miss listening to him wrestle with Clayton as Clayton laughs and laughs and cries "Uncle, Uncle I can't breathe".

  12. I miss hearing him asking Candice questions that she gives very random STORIES as answers followed by her tilted head and crossed arms saying "It does Daddy, It really does!" He always chuckles and mimics her "it does..." and tells her how special she is to him!

  13. I miss hearing Cameron repeatedly say "Daddy, Daddy" and Daddy actually answering her!

  14. I miss Saturday mornings...At 7am, he will JUMP out of bed like we have slept til some ungodly hour of the day, and IMMEDIATELY get dressed. (now i am a lay in bed kind of wake up girl..just give me a few minutes and then i have coffee then get dressed...) Clayton has inherited his behavior by the way! :) I will say, BECAUSE Jacob doe this, we definately get moving out of the house early and get ALOT accomplished before 2 PM on Saturdays!

  15. I miss Sunday mornings. Sunday is our "sleep in" day. We NEVER set a clock for Sundays-i knwo that sounds wierd since we go to church-but sleeping til 8AM is sleeping in to us! When we wake up, we hear the kids playing in one of the bedrooms. One by one they come to our bedroom door and knock waiting to hear "come in". With in 5 minutes there are 3 kids on our bed, and we are all smiling and giggling and having good family time to start the day! While I get ready for church, Jacob always cleans up anything that needs cleaning-cereal bowls, runs the vacuum, makes sure the kids are all ready and not running outside to play! It is the best!

  16. I miss Sunday afternoons. I don't cook big meals on Sundays or anythign that woudl require much cleaning up. After church we eat adn then all the kids go down for naps (or quiet time in Clayton's case) and I lay down on the couch with a blanket and my newspaper; Jacob usually watched a movie or checks emails and then reads the papers after me. Its a relaxing cozy afternoon for me and him!

  17. I miss his hugs!!

  18. I miss holding his hand as we walk through the store or drive in the car.

  19. I miss someone else getting my ice cream for me :)

  20. I miss our Bi-weekly date night out!

I could list a 1000 more things that make me miss my husband, these are just a SIMPLE few. Jacob is my BEST FRIEND, and I hate the thought of my world without him!


Dusty said...

That was so sweet! I can't even imagine how much you miss him.

I love your number 1. I've been convicted of that too, and I'm working on it. lol. I have to get up at 2:30AM to be up before Alec leaves for work, and I'm sad to say that some mornings, he's up and almost ready to leave before I even realize it. But I'm working on it!

Jenny said...

Your list almost makes me cry! I'm so with you on the pillow talk, spending evenings doing just about anything as long as it's together, etc. But the one that really got me was watching him drive away until you can't see him anymore! On what we thought was Jason's last day of work prior to deployment, I cried as I watched him drive away b/c I "knew" I wouldn't see that again for over a year! That's one of our little rituals - I stand there and blow him a kiss as he drives away. Praying it won't be too long before you are back to watching your man drive away!