Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lately the kids have a TON of questions about the baby! I am amazed at their little minds adn the gears turning inside them!

How did the baby get in there? How is it gonna get out? Is the Dr going to cut you? Will the baby go to heaven? Will he cry alot? What is his name gonna be? Why doesn't he keep trying to get out now, then we can just put him back in when we are done playing!? If he looked like a skeleton right now, would I be scared? Will he like me? Does he sin while he is in your belly and then when he is born too? Why don't you have to tell him "NO" while he is still in your belly if he is a sinner already? What will he look like? Does he have to sleep in my room? Will he have Mustard poop or the brown poop?

Does it end? Although some questions take a little careful planning to answer for age appropriateness, I hope they NEVER stop wondering and NEVER stop asking! Some of them have been pretty tough to answer or censor just the right amount of information without lying, and some are just funny and cute to watch them try to process my answers!

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