Thursday, June 4, 2009

Made it to Wednesday Service!

Well, I made another attempt at making it to church last night! I made it about 15 minutes late. I let 2 of my kids go in their play clothes and 1 in pajamas! However, it was much better! I know I will not make every service, but I also don't want to just PLAN not to be there. I am glad I went last night. Though we had a few moments of misbehavior in the the pew, we made it through, and I even managed to hear MOST of the message without day dreaming about what mishaps were behind me or lay ahead!

The message was brought from Psalm 13. David was running from Saul at the time it was written. David thought that he was just NEVER gonna ever get out of the pit of dispair or of things just not going well at all! Haven't we all been there a time or 2, or 3, or 100! He says "How long will though forget me, O Lord? For ever?" (vs 1A) It is reassuring to know that struggles of "is this ever going ot end, this black cloud above me-will it ever pass?" is NOTHING new to God to hear from His people! Also nice to know we are not alone in struggles--Great Men of God have been there before us too!
What's even better than that is David's change of attitude at the end of the chapter! He says in verse 6, "I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealt bountifully with me." Notice: there is no record of his circumstances changing! His attitude changed! God won't always change our circumstances, sometimes he wants US to do the changing to ourselves!
Sometimes, I know it seems like God waits til the 23rd hour to DO something about whatever we are praying about. And maybe He really does wait til then, becasue it is HIS perfect timing. Time and Time again, our family has been shown the perfect timing of God. There have been several things that have happened in our family, that have been bad enough that I think going through it alone I woudl have dumped my faith on the door step of someone else. Thinking to myself, God if you REALLY cared then.... There are people right now that I KNOW are really struggling with circumstances, and I am not saying its easy or saying "just do this and everything will be fine...", But I encourage you, let God use this to strengthen your faith. Change your attitude to one of gratitude. Count the blessings, though it may be hard to see through the clouds...."[God] hath dealt bountifully with me [you]!" There ARE things to praise HIM for! So Praise HIM today, praise Him in this storm!

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Dusty said...

Amen! I'm really looking forward to Pastor Hooks family series starting next week too. I meant to come speak to you Wed. night, but it was just me and Gabby because Aron was home sick with Alec. I'll see you Sunday!