Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coming Soon...

I am trying to figure out how to upload stills off a video camera. I took a video of Clayton's Kindergarten graduation and got a few stills in the mix. Check back, I am hoping to do this tomorrow if possible!

Clayton has made such progress through Kindergarten. He received a great report card! He proved very strong academically especially in reading and math-getting above average scores! Way to go, Clayton!

I have to say that Clayton just LOVES school! Spring break was just too long in his mind! I am wondering how we will fair during the summer! Of course, the pool and trips to the museum and library will keep him on his toes!

Also, I just have to say that God truly blessed Clayton this year with absolutely FABULOUS teachers! We prayed that he would get exactly what he needed and that the teachers he had would be on the same page as Jacob and I are. We knew that Clayton would attend public school for a looong time. And though we have been "rebuked" by many, we feel this is what God would have for him at this time. He is a light and salt for God where he is! We have seen it many times. He has been a testimony to his teachers by praying for them when they are ill or have had surgery, by standing up for things that are right and good, and praying for his classmates that haven't behaved very well. Clayton is going to do something great with his life, I am so confident of that! Right now, he has a great opportunity to be a witness for Christ in his little world. Sometimes it is a rebuke to me to see how he prays for the people he comes in contact with at school. He prays for thier salvation and often asks what he can do to help them get saved. He has a burden for them-one he would not have or learn to have in such an intimate way if he were not there. I pray the Holy Spirit continues to work on him in a mighty way and that Clayton listens to His moving!
Clayton has been promoted to 1st grade next year...He keeps asking me if I will cry when he goes back to school! I ask Clayton all the time what he wants to be when he grows up...Currently his answer is a Scientist, but only after he goes to the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. And when he is done with that, he wants to bail hay, but not be a farmer, just bail hay! Big ambitions! But i dont doubt that 1 or all of these things will happen at some point!

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