Saturday, July 4, 2009

Children CRACK me up!

This was the conversation last night in my car. We were on our way to a race and fireworks, I had been having a terrible day emotionally and was completely frustrated with the GPS, and was fighting tears...this is what I heard---

Candice: Clayton, why does mommy wear shoes in the house?
Clayton: cuz thats what old people do.
Candice: mommy is old?
Clayton: yep she's 28-next month 29 just like dad!
Candice:but dad doesn't wear shoes all the time even in the house.
Clayton: well thats what old people do--even Uncle Corbet-you saw him!

Conversation ended. And I smiled!

They do say the funniest things at the most odd moments! What made her think of that while in the car anyway? Too Funny!

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Anonymous said...

I've had many unlikely conversations in the car, either between my kids, or with my kids. Their minds must just be thinking while they look out the window. I remember thinking, I was glad they couldn't see my face. They wouldn't have understood why I was laughing! Enjoy these moments, they don't last forever. Love you. Aunt Ruth