Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Who is your hero?
you ever watch your kids and can just see that they look at someone with "AWE"? There are days when i see it with my kids and my husband. There are days i catch my kids watching me and trying to mimic my every move. But what I love lately is how Clayton is in AWE of our soldiers! He looks at them and is just amazed! he will just stand there staring with his jaw hanging down, speechless and with a gleam in his eye! He constantly says he wants to be a soldier or a cool army guy and go fight in the war. He wants me to take him into the recruiting offices at the mall all the time, and pouts when i say no.

Yesterday while at the mall, we saw an Air Force soldier. Clayton wanted to go talk to him in the worst way, but he kept saying "i don't know what to say and he will think i am dumb!" I told him, "just tell him thank you for serving our country and that you want to shake his hand." He got up about 3x to go talk to him, but felt embarrassed, so i ended up walking with him. He told the guy "thank you for serving our country. Did you have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan or someplace like that?" the guys said no he had just gotten done with boot camp and just got home. Clayton just was looking at him like he was holding the world in his hands! Clayton said "i wanna be a army guy when i grow up too." the guy smiled at Clayton adn Clayton put his hand out to shake his hand. It made his day!
I got teary eyed watching this transpire. I am so thankful that Clayton's heros are people worthy of being called "hero"--average joes doing above verage things! I am SO thankful he doesn't watch TV and say "i wann abe just like....fill in the blank wiht any celebrity, athlete, or rock singer". Though war is not what i want for my child, if that ends up being what God called him to do, then he should do it with all his might! and i will support him!
I DO hope that we all take the time to say THANK YOU to service men and women when we see them. Don't feel stupid or embarrassed--it will make their day! Imagine how you would feel if someone randomly thanked you for something you do regularly!

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