Monday, July 27, 2009

Growing, growing everyday!

Cameron is getting so big, but beyond that her personality is ever changing and being molded! She is so different than Clayton and Candice are or ever were. They are VERY social creatures. She is a more reserved nature. She is way more clingy to me than the others ever were-she even will cry to go to church nursery. She follows me around the house constantly-which i will admit gets old VERY fast! All day i hear, MOMMY, MOMMY! Even to have a moments peace in the bathroom, forget it--she lays outside the door like a sad puppy! I love when we sit down at the table-meal time or not-she folds her hands and says "Pay". She shows compassion already for when the other 2 have a disagreement she offers hugs and kisses to whoever is crying louder or longer! She is a good baby -she is very content with anything-as long as i am there! :) She has transitioned into her twin bed very easily-and sleeps there all night, getting up about 7Am! There are so many things about Cameron i wish people could see and understand the way i do, but i guess that is just part of being "the mom"!

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