Monday, July 27, 2009

A Plug for Cloth!

I have been cloth diapering since Cameron was born. At first my main reason was financial--i spent about $80 total on diapers, covers, and any other accessories that i thougth i might need for the duration of diapering days! The cost-you can't beat it. Some have criticized that doing the extra load of laundry a week makes it a wash, but i have not seen out water bill increase at all, and i am using an insignificant amount of detergent to wash. So anyway, that arguement goes out the window. It is well worth it.

This week is crazy! I am getting ready to leave ona little vacation only to come home to turn around and leave again. So i thought i will use disposable diapers for the next 2 weeks so i don't have to worry about the dirty dipes sitting longer than necessary. Well, let me just #1 reason to Cloth Diaper: the stench of poopy/pee filled diapers in the trash can! UGH! i HATE the smell! it is aweful! I can even smell the urine on Cameron and that is how i know she needs changing. I can't wait to get back from vacation and eliminate diapers altogether -for a few weeks anyway! Now I am even more glad that i switched over. Besides that, i bought a box of store brand diapers, and though they are cute, it cost me 15$ out of my grocery budget! And i am sure i have to go buy wipes now too, for sheer convenience of tossing with the diaper. I feel like THIS route is way more work with no return on my money!
I know cloth diapers aren't for everyone, but i sure am glad tha ti was introduced to them and made them part of our family!

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