Monday, September 7, 2009

Is anything to hard for the Lord?

On Sunday, I woke up with the most swollen of ankles and hands due to my rendezvous with the kitchen floor, walls, and cabinets on Saturday! I have a sparkling kitchen though! Since I could not even entertain the idea of putting shoes or flops or anything i own on my feet, I stayed home from church. I hate missing Sunday church--it refreshes me. So I sat down and watched Dr. David Jeremiah speak for 1 half hour. If you do not listen to him, give him a try! He is EXCELLENT! He is thorough and Bible based- After the half hour, I still felt "thirsty" so I turned on the next available program-Joel Osteen. I honestly think he is a better motivational speaker than bible preacher, BUT he brought out some great points on his message "Is there anything to hard for the LORD?" He shared how Sarah was able to conceive at such a ripe age, how Moses led Israel out of bondage, and how in our everyday lives HE is longing to do great things for us!
He asked the thought question...."when was the last time you had a moment where you just could not believe what was happening, a moment where you said 'who would have ever thought this would even be possible?'"
I stopped to think...It honestly did not take me very long to start listing in my head the things that God has shown Himself rich in. I thought back to our moving to North Carolina-how we bought a house with absolutely not 1 dime laid out, how we closed on a house with in 3 weeks of looking at it and moved within a week of that. Who would have thought it would have worked out so "perfectly"? GOD DID!
I thought of some Very rough roads my husband and I have had to travel down, and how we survived them! how God showed us where our strengths and weaknesses were. Who would have ever thought that we would have even had to learn lessons through trials so great? GOD DID!
I thought of how little more than a year ago we could not even pay our bills because Jacobs work was so slow. Saturn was about to go under (or not according to some)...How we learned to live on such a small budget and BE CONTENT with it! Who would have ever thought that we could learn to be content and HAPPY in a situation like that? GOD DID!
Then I thought about how at the exact right time, God provided a new job for Jacob with opportunity far beyond our imaginations could have ever reached. Who would have thought that a mechanic with no college degree would be doing what he has, is and will hopefully continue to do? GOD DID!
I am amazed at myself and how sometimes I sit and wonder "how is this going to work out, can it even work out, how will we manage, how can we get through this, when will things get easier, when will we be able to..., how will..." the list goes on, and on. And EVERY SINGLE TIME WITHOUT FAIL GOD shows up! and proves Himself richly in all things! I thank Him everyday and I should do it far more than what I do-for taking care of us abundantly-even in the valley we are taken care of abundantly! God is SO GOOD to our family--we do not deserve his richness, but I am SO thankful and So glad that He thinks we are worthy of it. It makes me want to praise Him all the more!

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