Monday, September 7, 2009

Entertainment in Review!

I normally would not sit down and write about any entertainment be it TV, movie or book--that being said-recently, i actually had the opportunity and the want to sit and VEG in front of something. I started with a book. Now if you know anything about me-the first thing you would know is that i can't sit still long enough to read-or pay attention to what i am reading. so this was my challenge to myself...sit down and READ a book! (this actually stemmed from putting all the kids in reading programs at the library over the summer-my guilt overwhelmed me. i was making them read and here I am their mother who HATES leisure reading!) So I checked a book out of the library....
ODD MOM OUT. (don't remember who wrote it-sorry!) Its a Fiction novel about a single mom who just moved to the Seattle area, where her 9yo daughter will attend a snobby rich kid school. The daughter feels the need to fit in with the other girls and wants her mom to so desperately TRY to fit in with their mothers. The mother in the book reminded me of me-I am who I am, take me or leave me! popularity is not my biggest concern, nor was it hers. So the book goes through their first year at this new school, the mom in her new business venture, and blossoming relationships! I was STUCK on this book! I would definitely recommend reading it!

Then, since i liked that so much, I called my friend up and asked her to recommend something to me to read. She is an open library! So she gave me True Devotion by Dee Henderson. A Christian fiction about a young woman who lost her Navy Seal husband while on the field. It tells the story of her surviving some life-threatening waves as she is a lifeguard on the Pacific Coast, and her blooming love for her best friend, who also was her late husband's combat buddy. Through twists and turns and much suspense her relationship with God also blooms and her life turns out much better than she planned! Another great book, i could not put down! Dee Henderson has several series out, i am moving on to my next book in this series. True Valor is next!

Movie day: i took the kids to see a movie right before school started. There is a $2 theatre downtown, which i had never been too, but heard lots of good things about. So i ventured out with 3 kids to see Night at the Museum 2. I read the Christian review by Focus on the Family and they gave the thumbs up, so i trusted their judgement and went for it. the movie was Very action packed. Clayton was GLUED to the screen the entire time. he laughed and cringed at all the right places. Candice didn't get it all, but it entertained her...and Cameron made it about half way through. I thought the movie was good. the museum comes alive. I am no history buff by any means so i honestly could not tell you if they made up information they shared about history or if it came straight from history books, but either way-it was entertaining and i don't recall and bad words being used. there was a statement that was used at the end of the movie they could have cut out completely, but it was so subtle that i don't think Clayton even picked up on it-i know he would have commented had he heard it! Overall, good movie-and i would let my kids watch it again. For more reviews by Christian people check out Focus on the Families website and look for the link to movie reviews. they definitely give a lot of information about the movie and leave it to your discretion--its a great tool!

Another one i watched recently was Baby Mama. Now this is not one that i expected to be very good-so why did i sit an watch it anyway? hmmm. opportunity i suppose. but it did surprise me. I actually really liked it. There was some foul language and innuendo used-to be expected of Hollywood, but over all funny, and mild. definitely relate-able moments from a Mom's perspective and a happy ending for the characters. a lighthearted movie. not one i would pay to see, nor would i buy it, but it suited the entertainment for the moment.

there are a few other movies that we have rented from the library recently that i think are great kids movies....i won''t take the time to review them, but i do recommend them!

DEAR TO MY HEART (OLD Disney flick)
SuperMan (the old B&W episodes)

If you have seen or read any of these please let me know what your thoguhts were!


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all our kids LOVE Andre....I Cry at the end every time when the girl talks about andre coming home every year till he died..:*(

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